Sharawaji Records
Street: 11.21.2016
The Terrorsurfs = Dick Dale + The Cramps + The Phantom Surfers

The Terrorsurfs are the bastard offspring of surfs meets mutant rock n’ roll meets Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns, and they are as diabolical as that sounds. Theirs is music of possession, grabbing ahold of the unwary listener’s soul. This record will cast one under its spell.

As expected, The Terrorsurfs are stunning in their subtle instrumental assault on the senses. This is not much of a surprise, given the sneak peek into their powers of mutant persuasion via their 7” single released last year. The same kind of ferocity is found on this album, with some interesting additions. First, let’s say that the vibrancy of mutant surf is a constant source of enjoyment, even though it is a sound well explored. Its edgy nature is influenced by the crashing waves and long–standing rebellion only found in the surf. This is a style evolved from the greats like Dick Dale or even The Ventures. It is also something found in noises made by The Phantom Surfers and the psychobilly outfit Demoni.

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