The Ethel Floon

The Ethel Floon
Street: November 19, 2015

If one could produce an offspring that had the attitude of a fresh out of the garage like punk stance with the rhythm of some funky blues you would probably come across The Ethel Floon. Their self-titled album is a charmingly catchy listen that maintains a certain level of youthful angst while showing off an appreciation for an older style that is ageless and charismatic. It’s a sound that is haunting and borders on the realms of bluesy psychedelia with an edgy rock n’ roll touch—kind of like what one could get from a Jimmy Hendrix album minus the overt sex driven aggression and burning guitars. After giving this a few spins, I would hope to find The Ethel Floon playing in a dark smoke-filled bar to a jiving audience while knocking out numbers like “I’m Leavin” and “Better Bidder,” and “A Preacher Out Of Time.” No doubt witnessing such a performance would inspire silly romantic notions and an infectious case of grooving about. However, since I’m stuck here in the states, I’ll settle for dimming the lights and raising the volume in hopes of attracting the creatures of the night to dig these tunes.

Check out their tracks on The Ethel Floon’s Bandcamp and Soundcloud!

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