The Boys Ranch @Craft Lake City

The Boy’s Ranch playing Craft Lake City.

The Boys Ranch played at Craft Lake City DIY Festival On August 10, 2018. After a hearty introduction they kicked off with ripping surf-riffs while vocalist Dennis Fuller snarls “Get Real” into his microphone. Doing so, The Boy Ranch display their take on surf-garage rock with the fun nature of power –driven pop. Flanked by two go-go dancers The Boys Ranch play their hit’s like “Mine Mine Mine”

Their original material is solid as it represents sounds blending nostalgic rock n’ roll with a zest of something modern. However when they burst into their manifestation of The Kink’s “Everybody’s Happy”  the Boys Ranch Magic truly shines. For them it’s familiar tune that truly exemplifies their charm as it is played to a soon-to-be captivated audience.

They end on a new number called the Barracuda. It’s the kind of song that comes with it’s own dance and dares to take on storied classics like the Twist or the Wa Wutsi. It’s especially easy to learn thanks to the coordinated assistance of their Go-Go Dancers.

Overall The Boys Ranch present themselves to be a tight-knit outfit. If The Kinks had traded Chelsea boots for surf-boards, then they would be The Boys Ranch. They are Utah’s answer for desperate surf-driven guitar in an otherwise garage-drought ridden valley.

For the folks at Craft Lake City, The Boys Ranch delivered a performance unlike many others. They not only played music, but they put on a fully interactive  show that demands participation. It’s an experience that leaves one feeling good as rock n’ roll should. Be sure to check them out whenever possible.

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