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DJ Nix Beat on DJ Dum Dum Boy’s K-UTE Radio show Echoplex

DJ Nix Beat on air on Echoplex

On June 11, 2017 DJ Dum Dum Boy (George Kounalis) invited Salt Lake City based  DJ/Freelance Journalist Nick Kuzmack (DJ Nix Beat) onto his K-UTE Radio Show, Echoplex, at the University of Utah. There DJ Nix Beat spun punk and glam records while talking with DJ Dum Dum Boy about the Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival in Las Vegas,Nevada, the British Special Election, journalism, djing and more. Check out the recorded show below.

PT 1.

Pt 2.

For more about DJ Dum Dum Boy you can listen to his show Echoplex on K-UTE Radio, Sunday’s from 3pm to 5pm. The show is a real killer diller, so tune in.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Swap Meet – April 2016

At the Rock 'n' Roll Swap Meet SLC Photo taken By Jon Tamkin of the Bureau of Industrial Imaging

At the Rock ‘n’ Roll Swap Meet SLC
Photo taken By Jon Tamkin of the Bureau of Industrial Imaging

DJ Nix Beat was invited to DJ for Salt Lake City’s 1st Rock n’ Roll Swap meet. The swap meet was put on by Kate Wheadon and held at the Indian Walk in center (120 1300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84115) . The swap meet attracted a wide variety of people, booth young and old, who enjoyed a diverse array of booths offering vast collections of rock n’ roll memorabilia such as records, clothes, instruments, collectibles and more!
Check out the link to see photos of April 2016’a Rock n’ Roll Swap Meet, taken by Jon Tamkin.

Rainy Day Mix: Featuring Nix Beat


Got together with my mate Jarrell James to record yours truly spinning some gems from my record  collection for this sweet podcast. So, click the image above and dig these tracks. They are perfect for any rainy day and are always for your listening pleasure:

1. The Renegades –“Thirteen Women”

2. Nervous Eaters -“ Loretta”

3. The Sensation – “Black Eyed Woman”

4. Mud- “Dynamite”

5. Rolling Stones- “It’s Only Rock n’ Roll (But I like it)”

6. La Luz – “Sure as Spring”

7. The Pleasure Seekers – “Never Thought You’d Leave Me”

8. Shannon and the Clams – “Troublemaker”

9. Koala Temple – “Beverly Musick “

10.  The Shangri-Las – “Shout”

11. Tender Prey – “Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Of My Heart”

12. Swamp Ravens- “Queen of the Hive”

13. The Ar-Kaics – “Why should I?”

14. Nobunny- “Nobunny Loves You”


Danny Gonzalez wants YOU! to press your band’s cassettes with Burger Records subsidiary Wiener Records.

Wiener Records—a subsidiary of the garage rock label Burger Records—is making radical waves in the music industry. For as low as $250, any artist can purchase 100 tapes with full-color inserts and access to Wiener Records’ promotional and distribution machine. It almost sounds too good to be true, but Wiener Records Head Wiener Danny Gonzalez says that the purpose behind the label is to “make everything much more accessible.”

Check out the full story @ SLUG MAG!