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Photo: Russel Daniels

The Nods are a force to be reckoned with. Their membership boasts veterans of Salt Lake’s diverse music scene—Joey Mayes, Zach “Rocky” Maldonado, Travis Michael and Sean Michael Vincent—whose combined and individual appreciation for music is nothing short of incredible. The band formed in 2013 when Mayes and Maldonado started to hang out and jam after work. “[Mayes] said that he was working on a project called The Nods, and I thought that name was really funny,” says Maldonado. “But he was saying he was doing this band, so I jokingly asked, ‘Let me play tambourine with you guys,’ and he was like, ‘You should just fucking sing.’” After going to Mayes’ house with expectations set low, Maldonado was pleasantly surprised to hear a sound that reminded him of 45 Grave. Mayes recruited Michael to play bass, and after going through several drummers—including Samp Ravens/Brain Bagz’s Mikey Blackhurst—Vincent joined the band in November 2014. “I saw The Nods several times,” he says. “They were always underdogs—not very noticed. I liked it. It was mainly my interest in the band that got me into it.” Once Sean joined the band, Maldonado says, “That was the nail in the coffin.”

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Tonight, Diabolical Records will be hosting the official return of the band Dead Bod after a two-year hiatus. At the show, they will also be releasing a self-titled EP containing the only four songs ever recorded by the band.

The sheer brutal and raw energy of the Dead Bod EP is absolutely astounding. These cats capture a moment of punk history defined in L.A. between 1978 and 1983 and bring it back to light for the contemporary listener. It should not a surprise, then, that such a stunning delivery can only come from some of Salt Lake’s finest musicians. This company of outlaws boasts the familiar faces and talents of Dustin Yearby, Terrence Warburton, Shaun Sparks and Natasha Sebring, who each have distinct roots in the Salt Lake music scene.

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This evening’s lineup is promising, and to kick things off, The Nods set the tone for a night of rambunctious rock n’ roll. Out of the openers, the Nods benefit most from their set—they sound great and are on their game, flawlessly knocking out their signature psychedelic-inspired Back From The Grave–like rock n’ roll that meets the aggression of ’70s New York punk sound. It’s a sound that suggests maturity, even though The Nods exude youth that comes from the depths of the garage.

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AFLA – Artists for Local Agriculture: Music and Farming

Artists for Local Agriculture (AFLA) is exactly what it sounds like: local artists who gather together for one specific passion—urban farming. Combining agriculture with art, AFLA has created a substantial community that is continuing to grow. I’ve gotten in touch with LeAundra Jeffs who is hosting an upcoming benefit show for the organization, to get some insight on what AFLA is all about.

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The last group of the evening, Gif Set, comprises Korey Daniel Martin (Foster Body), Travis Michael (The Nods), Cathy Foy, Michael Wright and Jared T. Soper (Swamp Ravens). Photo: Andy Cvar


On Dec. 12, 2014, over 70 individuals—from different spectrums of the SLC/Utah music scene—signed up to be randomly selected to play in bands for Diabolical Record’s BANDEMONIUM. These new groups would be given two weeks to practice and strut their stuff for 10–15 minute sets of improvisation, music or whatever. Before setting foot down the dark, black-iced Edison Street, I got the word from record shop owner Adam Tye several hours prior to the gig on what to expect from what is sure to be one of the most impressive examples of Salt Lake’s musical talent in practice. Tye says, “It was an idea Alana [Boscan] and I had a few months ago. Our show for the 26th fell through, so we decided to give it a try. We thought it would be a fun way to get people from different music circles to get together and create something unique.”

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Ex-Cult combines ’60s psychedelia, ’70s post-punk and ’80s hardcore for a punk barrage. Photo Courtesy of Tell All Your Friends Publicity and Management

I am constantly amazed how remarkably easy it is to discover new tunes thanks to social media. I was invited to check out a gig via an event on Facebook. Taking a second to casually look over the event page, my eyes locked on the description of headlining act, Ex-Cult. They were described as combing elements of 1960s psychedelic noise, with 1970s post punk and 1980s hardcore. Curiosity aroused, I confirmed to show up. Besides, it’s a Saturday night, and this gig got a solid line up. So there really isn’t an excuse for me to not go..

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