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Hello Operator, Here’s a Telegram

Courtesy of Telegram’s Facebook

Following the highly anticipated release of Telegram’s debut album, Operator, the lads took off for a successful tour of the States. There they hit up the Austin, Texas music festival, South By Southwest (SXSW), then proceeded to take on the Big Apple. To get the inside scoop on Telegram’s US invasion, Heatwave sat down with the guys for a chat. After some less-than intense grilling, we got them to tell us about playing in New York City, performing for crowds in Japan, DJing parties in London, a possible new release in the autumn and much more!

Check out the full interview published @ Heatwave Magazine!!

Nix Beat Dj-Mix and Interview

[The Forum] sat down with Nick Kuzmack an international journalist/social activist/music guru. After cracking a couple beers we let him take us for a tour of his ridiculous record collection. Fair warning, this podcast contains what many have described as only the most radical of celestial rhythms. So click the image above and dig these grooves.