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Fast Eddy — Toofer One 7″

Fast Eddy

Toofer One

Spaghetty Town Records

Released 09/12/2019

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Fast Eddy’s take on rock n’ roll with something meant for the fast and furious. They are comprised of members of Denver’s notable acts, such as Dirty Few and Itchy O. Their release of the Toofer One EP is a special treat that touches on a nostalgic sense of style. It’s the kind of stuff that harkens on sounds emanating from a 1970’s power pop driven classic rock n’ roll sound.

Fast Eddy’s Toofer One EP starts out strong with “Hurricane Alley.” This number emphasizes a nod toward 70’s classic rock through its rolling mid-tempo beat. Overall, it’s a slick and groovy number. It’s short and sweet, but entertaining.

The second track, “Milwaukee” starts off with a jumping beat and carries on with a bit more vocal depth. It’s a kind of nostalgic song with a strong build up to a chorus that is easy to follow. Under the right influence, listening and singing along to “Milwaukee” should inspire one to get out their zippo, light one up and exhibit some kumbaya feels.

The B-side of the Toofer One EP boasts the real charm.  The track is called “Lost.” It’s the track that shows how fast Fast Eddy can really go. Starting off, “Lost” shocks and awes it’s listeners with razor sharp riffs.  With “Lost,” Fast Eddy wastes little time in enveloping those who spin this record in a frantic notions of blitz-fast rock n’ roll. It’s probably meant to be played loud enough to invoke public citation warnings from the local goon squad. 

Fast Eddy’s Toofer One EP is solid for those who want sounds evolving past the simplicity of wild rock n’ roll. This record was produced by Dan Dixton and Tuk Smith (Biters) in Atlanta, Georgia.  Out of the three tracks, the B-Side’s fast and raucous “Lost” is my favorite. That being said, this is the kind of record that may grow on you after a few listens. When playing Fast Eddy for your mates, start with “Lost.” You might blow away expectations and then lull friends or foes to the infectious songs on this records A-side.

The Wead – By The Whey

Artist: The Wead
Album: “By The Whey 7”
Label: Slovenly Recordings
Released: 02 September 2016

Artifacts from the 1960’s are among the holiest of recordings to bare witness to. Compilations like Garage Punk Unknowns, Nuggets, Pebbles and Back from the Grave are the highly spoken of collections that provide a mandatory experience for listeners to wander into depths of a decade of innocence and authentic teenage rebellion. The sheer notion that another release of a sound that defined the teenage punk era could surface so soon after Back from the Grave volumes of 9 and 10 would seem rather naive and hopeful. However, straight out of left field, and for your ears only is The Wead.

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I’ve got to hand it to A Wailing Of A Town for providing the excellent and essential, detailed oral history of San Pedro’s contribution to punk. This book is filled with entertaining and sometimes conflicting accounts from those who were there during the formative years of punk rock like Mike Watt and D. Boon. The book explores the atmosphere of punk and hardcore during the beginning years. However, the main narrative that readers will find here is in the interviews that explore the intimate stories which surround the bands that put San Pedro on the map—most notably The Reactionaries and the Minutemen—as well as looking at the keen relationship the latter had with Black Flag.

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The Wheel Workers
ZenHill Records
Street: 05.25
The Wheel Workers = Joe Strummer and Mescaleros + Woody Guthrie

Generations of artists seeking to voice dissatisfaction with the status quo laid out a heritage of sociopolitical consciousness, and when they supercharge those nuances with the ferocity of rock n’ roll, it usually comes across with sheer brilliance.

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Going into the City: Portrait of a Critic as a Young Man

Robert Christgau
Dey Street Books
Street: 02.24

Robert Christgau, aka the “Dean of American Rock Critics,” has been commenting on pop culture for decades through published work in magazines like Esquire, Creem and The Village Voice. So, it is not surprising that his memoir would yield impressive stories about the golden eras of rock n’ roll that saw the rise of The Beatles, a fresh wave of bohemianism and even the birth of punk at CBGB’s.

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Review: Miscalculations – A View For Glass Eyes

Miscalculations= Wire+ The Cute Lepers+ The Gaggers+ Sharp Objects

There are many groups that sound too much alike and too many that lack that punk punchy angst-filled attitude that makes my blood boil into a creative rage. For me, Miscalculations are the much noted and needed exception. Sharp like a razorblade’s edge, the electro-punk quartet, the Miscalculations, are an electrifying field of distorted passionate fury of agitated post-punk brilliance.

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Jacco Gardner
Street: 05.05
Jacco Gardner = Donovan + The Temples + The Nazz

There is something that is both beautifully infectious and provocatively captivating that defines a great psychedelic album, and Dutch producer/mutli-instrumentalist Jacco Gardener’s Hypnophobia delivers this and more.

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The Rezillos
Metropolis Records
Street: 03.10
The Rezillos = The Revillos + The Boys

It’s about bloody time Scottish first-wave punk band, The Rezillos, released an album—and you know what? Even after about 37 years, Zero is proof that this band knows how to deliver with awesome, enthusiastic energy.

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Bob Dylan
Shadows in the Night
Columbia Records
Street: 02.03
Bob Dylan = Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s 36th studio album is covers of Frank Sinatra pop standards—all chosen by Dylan. After spinning this, I have to wonder whether or not there are still signs of vitality in the genius of this artist or if it has packed up and left the building.

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The Skints
Easy Star Records
Street: 03.10
The Skints = Jimmy Cliff + Barrington Levy + Mikey Dread + The King Blues

FM is styled like listening to a London-based pirate radio station—complete with DJ Mr. Versatile (the alter ego of Tippa Irie) and simulated station call-ins—on the city’s hottest day.

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