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 Photos courtesy of Tyson Heder

If one were to choose to walk through the layered depths of the punk rock community, they should strive to find themselves wallowing in the heat of the Punk Rock Bowling Festival. The festival is held on a parking lot adjacent to Fremont, and its largely open space lacks cover from the blistering heat of the sun. One can always purchase a $2 water to stay hydrated, although I’d wager that more money is probably spent on pints and whiskey cokes. The festival attendees are as diverse as the variety of punky hair colors, though there is the fascinating commonality of wearing all black, as if to tempt the wrath of heat exhaustion. The unforgiving heat aside, this gathering serves to inspire community and camaraderie under the banner of all things punk rock. The festival is a space where one can feel at home and comfortable while surrounded by those who celebrate the varied degrees of a storied subculture. Here, one can get all the applicable accessories from clothing, pins, hats and rare records from stalls like that of Anaheim, California’s Radiation Records. Unlike years past which have been largely apolitical, this year’s Punk Rock Bowling has an unofficial theme of denouncing Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump—a sentiment that is easy and popular to get behind.

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Rainy Day Mix: Featuring Nix Beat


Got together with my mate Jarrell James to record yours truly spinning some gems from my record  collection for this sweet podcast. So, click the image above and dig these tracks. They are perfect for any rainy day and are always for your listening pleasure:

1. The Renegades –“Thirteen Women”

2. Nervous Eaters -“ Loretta”

3. The Sensation – “Black Eyed Woman”

4. Mud- “Dynamite”

5. Rolling Stones- “It’s Only Rock n’ Roll (But I like it)”

6. La Luz – “Sure as Spring”

7. The Pleasure Seekers – “Never Thought You’d Leave Me”

8. Shannon and the Clams – “Troublemaker”

9. Koala Temple – “Beverly Musick “

10.  The Shangri-Las – “Shout”

11. Tender Prey – “Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Of My Heart”

12. Swamp Ravens- “Queen of the Hive”

13. The Ar-Kaics – “Why should I?”

14. Nobunny- “Nobunny Loves You”



The word in town surrounding tonight’s show has held my firm interest for months, as Tinariwen offer the appeal of the unique and the exotic. Upon entering Urban Lounge, I have slight concerns that the gig may be subject to a low attendance, but the night is still young, and throughout JJUUJJUU’s setup, the curious hip types of Salt Lake are still filing in. This audience represents a broad age range with open minds.

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Adam Tye and Alana Boscan began infecting the public with solid and infectious grooves at Diabolical Records’ brick-and-mortar location in December of 2013. Photo: Gilbert Cisneros

On July 5, Diabolical Records celebrates its second-year anniversary. Their existence in Salt Lake City has made a remarkable impact on the music scene—both as a record shop and the hottest new all-ages music venue. Diabolical Records first opened its doors at Granary Row in 2013 and quickly attracted a following, and after Granary Row ceased operating for the winter, Diabolical Records moved to its current location at 238 S. Edison Street. There, Adam Tye and Alana Boscan began infecting the public with solid and infectious grooves.

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Summer of Death Press Release

SLUG Magazine’s 16th Annual Summer of Death
June 20, 2015 at Banzai Skate Park

SALT LAKE CITY, June 19, 2015 – SLUG Presents SLUG Magazine‘s 16th annual Summer of Death skate series, taking its first contest of the summer to Banzai Skatepark in Lindon on June 20, 2015, the day before Go Skate Day!!

Free Registration starts at 2 p.m.

Contest goes from 3 – 5 p.m.

Awards at 5:30 p.m

Visit summerofdeath.com for updates and details on info. The contest is sponsored by Blue Plate Diner, Board of Provo, INI Cooperative, Jaybird, Milo, Monster, Saga, Salty Peaks and SLUG Magazine. The contest music is provided by Nix Beat.

For more information, contact:

Angela H. Brown



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Viv Albertine’s memoir recounts her experiences in the early days of punk rock in Britain. Photo: Carolina Ambida

.Viv Albertine—the former guitarist for the post punk band, The Slits—has just had her memoir, Clothes, Clothes Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys. released through Thomas Dunne Books. It is a uniquely humble and provocative story that covers her perspective on a revolutionary era of punk rock music and culture that is usually dominated by a largely male narrative. “I didn’t intentionally write it as a female perspective—I just wrote it because it was a part of my story,” says Albertine. “When I picked up the guitar again in my 50s, I sort of got the same sort of reaction the first time, which was not very supportive. I was sort of going against the grain again … [The reaction] felt so familiar. I thought that this would make an interesting story arc, which started in my late teens/early 20s … being told, ‘Stop playing. You can’t play, you’re rubbish. Girls don’t play,’ and then to do it again in my 50s and be told exactly the same thing. I liked that sort of arc and I thought that’ll make a story.”

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Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys.

Viv AlbertineThomas Dunne Books

Street: 11.25.14

Viv Albertine’s memoir is the story of humble insecurity, passionate creativity and the raw honesty that has largely escaped one of the most defining eras of pop culture. Albertine takes you through the transformative years of the punk explosion in the 1970s, the rise and fall of The Slits, life after the glory years, the challenges of domesticity and the remarkable rebirth of Albertine’s creative spirit.

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