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 Photos courtesy of Tyson Heder

If one were to choose to walk through the layered depths of the punk rock community, they should strive to find themselves wallowing in the heat of the Punk Rock Bowling Festival. The festival is held on a parking lot adjacent to Fremont, and its largely open space lacks cover from the blistering heat of the sun. One can always purchase a $2 water to stay hydrated, although I’d wager that more money is probably spent on pints and whiskey cokes. The festival attendees are as diverse as the variety of punky hair colors, though there is the fascinating commonality of wearing all black, as if to tempt the wrath of heat exhaustion. The unforgiving heat aside, this gathering serves to inspire community and camaraderie under the banner of all things punk rock. The festival is a space where one can feel at home and comfortable while surrounded by those who celebrate the varied degrees of a storied subculture. Here, one can get all the applicable accessories from clothing, pins, hats and rare records from stalls like that of Anaheim, California’s Radiation Records. Unlike years past which have been largely apolitical, this year’s Punk Rock Bowling has an unofficial theme of denouncing Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump—a sentiment that is easy and popular to get behind.

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Giuda – Speaks Evil

Speaks Evil
Record Label: Burning Heart Records
Release: November 2015

It is safe to say I have yet to be disappointed with any of Giuda’s releases. I’ve followed their progress since witnessing them perform in 2011 at 12 Bar in London— after hearing “Get It Over,” I was hooked. I find Giuda’s sound blends the nostalgic sensibility of 1970’s Junk Shop Glam with a certain attitude that can only be found in the aggressive, no bullshit stance of the punk side of rock ‘n’ roll that defined an era. Their sound is unique and maintains certain appeal, and can easily translate into something timeless and easily infectious. As one who has caught the Giuda bug, I have been sure to prioritize acquiring their singles and albums as soon they have been released.

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Nix Beat’s Top Jukebox Hits For 2014

Here are some tracks that I feel have defined 2014. So dig these grooves baby!

  1. “Tunnel Of Love”                                  2:09         Wanda Jackson
  2. “Catamaran”                                         3:33         Allah-Las
  3. “Night Of The Sadist”                           2:12         Larry & The Blue Notes
  4. “Wild Tiger Woman”                             3:34         Giuda
  5. “Turning My Heartbeat Up”                2:15         The M.V.P’s
  6. “Tainted Love”                                      2:38         Gloria Jones
  7. “Nothing But A Heartache”                 2:43         The Flirtations
  8. “Everything’s Gonna Change”             4:01         HJean Paul “El Troglodita”
  9. “Torture”                                               3:07         King Khan & The Shrines
  10. “Get It Over”                                         1:56         Giuda
  11. “Hypsoline”                                           3:15         La Femme
  12. “Riot In Cell Block #9”                          2:29         Wanda Jackson
  13. “How You Got That Girl”                      3:06         Ex Hex
  14. “Problem Child”                                    2:28         NIGHTMARE BOYZZZ
  15. “Better Off Dead”                                 3:13         La Peste
  16. “Love Em and Leave Em”                     3:31         The Coathangers
  17. “You Have No Friends”                         3:19         NIGHTMARE BOYZZZ
  18. “Adderall’                                               3:43         The Coathangers
  19. “Demolición”                                         2:58         Los Saicos
  20. “Night Time”                                          2:33         The Strangeloves
  21. “My Love”                                               3:41        The Franklys
  22. “Diddy Wah Diddy”                               2:29         Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
  23. Maybe It’s All Over Now”                    2:36         Giuda
  24. “Hey Hey”                                              3:19         Giuda
  25. “Outro”                                                  3:18         Ex Hex