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Daisy & The Moonshines—Motorik EP

Daisy & The Moonshines Motorik Self-Released Street: 08.19.2016

Daisy & The Moonshines
Street: 08.19.2016

If one has seen Daisy & The Moonshines play , then one has surly experienced a performance that is nearly captivating and somewhat personal. Daisy and the Moonshines flaunt a sound that mixes the calming but upbeat nature of poppy new wave with elements of ‘90s alternative rock that almost begs a stretch toward something Joy Division esque. Based on this, it should be little to no surprise that their new EP, Motorik ,is the kind of music that requires listening in an intimate setting. When checking this EP out, it would be best to consider what atmosphere will invoke the desired effect that comes with a thorough listen. This kind of mellow sound is best heard within the halls of a dimly lit cocktail lounge or in the confidential confines of one’s cozy home. It’s easy listening that requires little-to-no provocation, but allows one to seep into a lucid state with absolute comfortableness.

Tracks like “Anahime” and “Audiophiles” offer music that that works best when coinciding with certain well prepared intoxicating refreshments enjoyed within a candlelit atmosphere. This kind of experience can also be found while enjoying “Laid Below” as it is a number that maintains a subtle psychedelic feel. In contrast to the before mentioned, “Watchers” stands out as a song that sparks some life and may even inspire some grooving and moving. It is the easily the alternative rock jam that shows a slight edge to it. Overall, consider that this is music that is heightened by how and where it is heard. If acquired, be ready to have a stiff one poured for you and be sure to relax—maybe even invite someone of a special persuasion to join you. Who knows, with this playing while mixing in some Duran Duran or The Cure for good measure, you might be making more than just a friend. —Nick Kuzmack

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Lauren Records
Street: 04.29
Peach Kelli Pop = The Murmaids + The Teddy Bears

If one were to look up bubblegum rock in the 21st Century, they’d almost certainly come across Peach Kelli Pop at the top of a long list. Their records consistently provide a listen that is sugary, sweet and sure to rot the teeth. It is music that one can either ignore or be enveloped by, with its satisfying yet bordering-on-bland poppy flavorings. The Halloween Mask 7” is no different in this regard, although the title song is somewhat sober, if not altogether disarming. Don’t get me wrong, though: Fans of catchy, bubblegum pop made for short attention spans will be right at home with this new release.

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No Front Teeth Records
Street: 02.05
Radio Hearts = The Buzzcocks + The Boys

I would be remiss and unequivocally in error if I did not immediately admit my love for any power-pop punk that invokes all that is great about the ’77–’79 sound. Radio Hearts are that and more. Hailing from Long Beach, California, this power-pop quartet are a sight to behold, and more importantly, be heard. They have all the ingredients to make your heart ache and body shake.

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Street: 01.28
The Outta Sorts = The Sonics + The Saints

To say that this record offered anything beyond another fun and upbeat garage group would not be prudent of me. This is not the next best thing, either. It is, however, a part of an absolute dedication to the lifestyle that is rock n’ roll. This EP emphasizes the appeal of the fast, greasy, poppy and dirty garage sound. Upon spinning this, listeners will easily find that The Outta Sorts take all the loving cues from garage punk while maintaining a simple sound. I would suggest that to save time and the trap of familiarity, one should consider skipping to the B-side, where one track defines a certain substance for The Outta Sorts.

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Useless Eaters – Temporary Mutilation (Slovenly Recordings)

Artist: Useless Eaters
Album: Temporary Mutilation
Label: Slovenly Recordings
Released: February 2016

It is clear within seconds of switching on Temporary Mutilation, that Useless Eaters produce a sound that is both provoking and edgy but is above all ominous. This is an EP that requires one to start at the beginning and go through to the last track to fully appreciate its certain brilliance. If you survive this listen, great, if not you’re probably not listening to it correctly or on the right substances.

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Menial Fare Records
Street: 11.25.15
Dead Bod = Germs + Consumers

You and everyone subject to your sound system should note and thoroughly enjoy the sheer, brutal and deadly brilliance of Dead Bod. This self-titled EP beautifully captures a contemporary form of the late-’70s L.A. punk explosion, which inspires nostalgia for the movement.

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Gino and the Goons – Check This Out EP (Slovenly Records)

Artist: Gino and the Goons
Album: Check This Out EP
Label: Slovenly Records
Release: 04/12/2015

Gino and the Goons Check This Out EP has all the fury of Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers mixed with the aggressive emotions of primal R & B; however, while what this EP offers is neither exactly new nor earth shattering, it is quite charming and easy to get behind. The EP is, in all senses of the phrase, no-bullshit rock ‘n’ roll and lord knows I have a soft spot in my heart for raw and primitive sounds.

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Tonight, Diabolical Records will be hosting the official return of the band Dead Bod after a two-year hiatus. At the show, they will also be releasing a self-titled EP containing the only four songs ever recorded by the band.

The sheer brutal and raw energy of the Dead Bod EP is absolutely astounding. These cats capture a moment of punk history defined in L.A. between 1978 and 1983 and bring it back to light for the contemporary listener. It should not a surprise, then, that such a stunning delivery can only come from some of Salt Lake’s finest musicians. This company of outlaws boasts the familiar faces and talents of Dustin Yearby, Terrence Warburton, Shaun Sparks and Natasha Sebring, who each have distinct roots in the Salt Lake music scene.

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Dead Beat Records
Street: 12.01.14
Dr. Boogie = New York Dolls + T.Rex

I’ll admit that the first track—“Life On The Breadline”—of Dr. Boogie’s self-titled EP does little to inspire, and my initial thought is that it might be a bit flat. So, the trick here is to look past the cover and find the charm that this EP has to offer.

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LA Font
Hangtime Vol. 1 EP
Fleeting Youth Records
Street: 04.23
LA Font= The Cute Lepers + Elvis Costello

LA Font traverse the gray line of power pop and electric rock n’ roll with a display of wonderful ease. Their EP, Hangtime Vol. 1, cuts through the dull void of silence with a pronounced beat and punchy electric vocals.

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