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Vinyl-spinning DJ Nix Beat will bring the true spirit of rock n’ roll to SLUG’s Localized on Nov. 19. Photo: jessicabundyphotography.com

Nick Kuzmack—easily recognizable as the tall, slim, fashionable figure whom you no doubt have seen in record stores, at shows or onstage—has a presence that commands (and in equal parts demands) attention. Kuzmack has, since his birth, been surrounded by a wealth of culture and passion. “I was raised on the legacy of the original greasers from the ’50s and the mods from the ’60s,” he says.

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Rock n’ Roll Lives on With a Defining Beat: A Conversation With Paul Collins

Paul Collins (c) (c) Gonzalo Facio

Paul Collins (the Nerves, the Beat) has just released a solid new album Feel The Noise and is back on tour. The Paul Collins Beat is due to visit Ireland, The U.K. and mainland Europe with a string of dates starting in April and going through May. Before he embarks on this adventure, Heatwave got the chance to chat with Collins about Feel The Noise, the current state of rock n’ roll and the infamous and successful Garageland tour in the States.

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Cheap Girls played a set of pop punk at the Urban Lounge. Photo: Kelly Gairrocco

Upon entering the Urban Lounge this fine Tuesday evening, I am struck by how deserted the venue is—minus some 12 or so heads hanging out in their respective groups. It does seem that the popularity of pop-punk may not be so popular tonight. As one patron sarcastically says, “We’re going to get so sugar high! Let’s get caffeinated as fuck!” Though I cringe a little at the jest, there is some truth behind these words that sort of describe the attitude behind this subgenre of punk.

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