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Soul and Funk Night at Salt Lake’s Bar X

The strictly vinyl night at Bar X is the creation of DJ Godina (second from the right) and draws an eclectic mix of other local DJs.

The groovy sounds of funk and soul records can be heard on any Monday night within the dimly lit Bar X. This strictly vinyl night is the creation of DJ Godina (Justin Godina). Godina is a well-known DJ in Salt Lake City who, apart from hosting nights at bars like Gracies, Chakra Lounge, and Undercurrent, was voted top DJ in City Weekly’s Best Of in 2015.

Godina has always had a passion for records. “When I was 5 or 6-years-old, I used to flip records in the dancing room (the living room at my dad’s parents’ house) with my aunts and uncles,” he said. Years later, he discovered his uncle’s immense collection, which included early hip hop and new Chakra Lounge wave by artists such as AC/DC, Prince, and The B 52’s. Godina adds, “In and shortly after high school, I would throw parties and was always the guy sitting in front of the CD player monopolizing the stereo. So I bought some turntables from thrift stores and my first mixer and started DJing our parties.”

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Photo: LmSorenson.net

Photo: LmSorenson.net

There’s nothing quite like having a bourbon to sip on in a dimly lit cocktail bar. Luckily for the connoisseur of the finer things in life, Bar-X has just that—Buffalo Trace. Bar-X has had a long and profitable relationship with the Kentucky-based, Sazerac-owned Buffalo Trace Distillery. After reopening Bar-X in 2010, owners Richard Noel and Duncan Burrell wanted to offer customers quality bourbon for an affordable price. The obvious solution was to sell Buffalo Trace, a quality bourbon from an up-and-coming brand. Over time, it proved to be a popular product, and according to Burrell, Bar-X was moving “more [of it] than anyone in the state by a long shot,” he says. Because of this, Bar-X would come to provide their own, proprietary barrels of Bar-X-branded Buffalo Trace and, later, Eagle Rare.

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The Clash (Problem Daughter) brought a lot of energy into the room. Photo: Gilbert Cisneros

The month of October is a 31-day-long endurance test of sin and debauchery. Every party or night of heavy partaking prior to All Hallows’ Eve is a stepping stone to build the tolerance of the faithful for the ultimate celebration of horror-filled thrills and chills. By this, I mean the traditional celebration of paying respect to the great punk bands of years before by playing the devil’s music for Punk Rock Halloween. This year’s bands chose to emulate The Clash (Problem Daughter), Nirvana (Chalk), Devo (Foster Body) and Beat Happening as performed by various members of Prince Polo. Making my way to the center of the city, my depraved senses gravitated toward the heart of downtown, to where the music surely will be—Diabolical Records……

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