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Street: 12.12
So What = The Equals + The Jook

So What are the Yanks’ answer to the upcoming trend of revitalized glam or bovver rock — or, as they call it, hard gum. If one is familiar with this revival of working-class glam, then the contemporary Italian bands Giuda or Faz Waltz should ring a bell. They have been leading the march all across Europe for a sound that reminds of the Hammersmith Gorillas or Slade. Recently, this style has been finding fans in the United States. So What, who are Oakland–based, come across as an offshoot of The Equals meets something in the middle of junkshop glam (The Jook) and bubblegum ( 1910 Fruitgum Company). They largely stand on their own on the West coast and are coming up through the ranks as a glam band that boasts an untapped style like that of The Equals. So What’s sound is what, historically, a few might find familiar, as glam never really made it big in the States, with the exception of a few cities like New York or Los Angeles. However, given the untapped nature of glam and its subsequent revival, the majority of so-called hip types will probably find that So What comes with a relatively new sound.

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