Second Annual Goth Prom at Area 51

DJ Courtney (left) and DJ Mikhell (right)

On November 18, Club Area 51 plays host to the dark and mysterious glamour of the 2nd annual Goth Prom. This party is organized by DJ Mikhell and DJ Courtney, both of whom regularly
spin at Club Area 51, but above all are longtime friends and collaborators. “I’ve been going to clubs—Sanctuary, Area 51— for the last 16 years” says Mikhell. “… I’ve always been into the
music and I hung out in the DJ booth with Courtney long enough that [he] showed me the ropes and let me DJ on of his nights for my birthday.”

For these DJ’s the gothic subculture fires their passion for the elegant and morbid. Bands such as Clan of Xymox, Siouxie and The Banshees and The Damned help define Goth’s distinctive
sound. Mikhell says, “I’ve always had a thing for the macabre as well—plus who doesn’t look good in black?”

Dig the full article about the second annual goth prom published by Utah Stories!!

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