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Top 5 Albums of 2017

Every year I come out with a little list of my top albums that have been released throughout the year. During the highs and lows of 2017 I found myself constantly listening to these gems. It’s a healthy mix or power pop, garage rock and everything in-between. All articles were published by SLUG Magazine, Heatwave Magazine or exclusively here at Enjoy and happy new year!

  1. Suicide Helpline – Pink Jazz
  2. Fashionism – Back in the Day/ One Shot 7″
  3. The Jackets – Be Myself/ Queen of the Pill 7″
  4. The Woolly Bushmen – Ardunio 
  5. Mattiel- Count Your Blessings/ Whites Of Their Eyes 7″

Honorary Top 5 runner ups

  1. Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas-  Telephone/Teléfono
  2. Radio Hearts – Daytime Man EP
  3. The Schizophonics -Ooga Booga 
  4. The Darts US – Me.Ow
  5. Brain Bagz –  God Hates Bagz 7″ 

Top 3 Books of 2016

Top 3 Books of 2016
“He explains his theory using examples of the struggle against capitalism and gives step by step solutions to guide readers on a better path. However, while Lowy presents his alternative way of life, he stresses that even his solutions are not a reason for optimism; rather they are the only real way out the catastrophic mess that threatens humanity’s very survival and that time is running out.”
“Its reign was brief. glam came out of the 1960s and charged through the 1970s with all that was glitter and gold. It was perhaps the most interesting subculture that emerged out of the woodwork before punk. It boasted a diversified range of groups that represented both high and low culture.”
“The story of the infamous pub rock/protopunk group is really a tale narrated by the magnitude of Lee Brilleaux’s character. Brilleaux was a man born in the wrong decade. Throughout Brilleaux’s life, he carried a formidable love for the raw nature of the blues, and it was unparalleled and arguably out of place in the backdrop of 1970s England.”

Top 5 Albums of 2016

1. Suicide Helpline — Self Titled EP
“Suicide Helpline initially come across with catchy rock n’ roll that speaks of ‘60s garage rock, but then maintain a firm, raw attitude that harkens on socio-political stances found in that of ‘70’s punk mentality. Unlike others who profess the genre , this four tracks on this EP deliver with a certain and charming diversity in style.”

2. Gloria — In Excelsis Stereo
“In Excelsis Stereo is the perfect album to invoke feelings of reflection. This is because Gloria brings an almost unique a mid-tempo sound that is combined with harmonious vocals to stimulate the mind.”

“The Jungle Noise Recordings should be considered an essential part of any angsty rock n’ roller’s collection, especially if said individual is still completely able to pride themselves on being full of piss and foul-smelling vinegar. Make no mistake: This album exudes an attitude that exemplifies the dirty thrash-driven desires of gutter-inhabiting rock n’ roll.”

4. La femme — MYSTÈRE
“In its entirety, the record is a ride that initially must be experienced from start to finish. It’s an expedition that guides the forever curious mind through all things vibrant and intriguing.”

5. Hannah Wiliams and The Affirmations — LATE NIGHTS & HEARTBREAKS
“Hannah Williams & The Affirmations are a group whose power to inspire through music is stunning. Certainly, their style is one that begs for familiarity but never fails in their delivery of substance.”

Top 5 Honorable Mentions

1. Fashionism — Subculture Suicide 7”
2.Ivory Williams — Don’t Have To Worry 7”
3. The Wead – By The Whey
4.Rumble Gums — Pool Party Palace
5.The Missing Souls: Alligator/Sweet, Sweet Sadie 7-inch

A Positive Difference Between Extremes

March 18, 2016 saw two events that produced results of a contrast of ideas. One candidate’s rhetoric supported the progressive ideals of an optimistic and viable future, while the other professed the ideas of backwardness and fear. Admittedly the following words invoked certain emotions and opinions of this writer. The day started out with a mad scramble to attend the Bernie Sanders rally being held at This Is The Place Park. After securing a lyft and arriving onsite, it was clear that the attendance for the Sanders event would be impressive. An estimate later provided by the Salt Lake Tribune suggested that about 14000 people showed up to support the Senator from Vermont. Mind you, this was an estimate of people who rallied with only two days’ notice. The line to get into the grounds for the rally wrapped through the parking lot and all the way towards the This Is The Place Visitors Center. Though the weather was brisk, those already queued waited with eager anticipation. After more than an hour of being in line, and going through the Secret Service Security, I arrived at the rally site. The backdrop for the rally was an impressive site to behold as just beyond the grounds stood the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

Sanders did not make his appearance until around 3:30 P.M. While his supporters waited, they were entertained with an upbeat selection of music that ranged from soul, funk and contemporary rock—all selections that kept the crowd excited. There were a couple speakers who addressed the Sanders supporters prior to his arrival. The most notable being the Utah based activist Lex Scott. Scott cited Sander’s work as a longtime activist and one whose record for supporting of civil rights was noteworthy—this particular mention was celebrated by the assembled audience. When Sanders motorcade arrived there was a certain buzzing in the air that was followed by jubilant cheers when he finally took to the podium. His presence was awe-inspiring. It was like witnessing an icon whose ideals are bigger than any one person but are embodied by the man. Sanders delivered his trademark talking points about a rigged economy, and education and criminal justice reform. He also touched on environmental issues and shined a much needed light on communities—like that of the Native Americans— that have long been overlooked by the rhetoric and actions of mainstream politics.

One subject that Sanders talked about was Police violence. He stressed that a majority of police officers are hardworking, but that all needed to be held accountable for their actions—for this he cited the Salt Lake police shooting of 17-year old Abdi Mohamed. Sanders’ honesty and frankness to be easy to respect. He does not shy away from tough controversial topics, particularly the need of America to accept and take on the country’s obvious imperfections. Sanders does not mix words and wastes little time getting straight to the core of the issues he addresses. He is not restricted by false niceties and he is unabashedly sincere. Unlike his political counterparts he does not use that as a smoke screen to justify controversial hate-speech or to fly false flags. Rather, when Sanders takes on relevant issues, he talks about realities while providing the framework for a future to believe in and fight for. He does not shy away from the world’s problems, he doesn’t bullshit his audience and in a unique way he proposes solutions that seem actually viable. Furthermore, Sanders is running for the President of the United States to unite and move people forward, not backward nor to encourage folks to hide behind a wall with fingers in the ears.

Leaving the Bernie Sanders rally I could not help but feel that was an actual reason for optimism. This is not a common feeling for me as I have been seeing the world through the eyes of one who has recently read On The Beach. But with all that is beautiful and gold there is the presence of an obvious contrast. Later in the evening I found myself observing the counter Trump Rally at the Infinity Center in downtown Salt Lake City. Hundreds of protesters had lined up against a much smaller crowd of Trump supporters. Things quickly got heated with several Trump supporters antagonizing protesters. A fragile peace was maintained—though this peace was partly established by the presence of the police officers and cool heads among the protesters ranks. Unlike the Trump supporters who represented a diverse array of white folks, the protesters represented a wide coalition varying ethnicities and groups like anarchists, communists, Sanders supporters, Republicans, students and many others. Several protesters carried the Mexican national flag as an obvious display against Trumps racist remarks about Mexicans months prior. To keep up morale and shout down the Trump supporters, the protesters shouted a wide array of chants like “Shut It Down” “Black Lives Matter” and “Dump Trump.” The Trump supporters on the other hand relied on chanting “U.S.A!” and waving American flags to make their point. I’ll admit though, I’m not sure what exactly that was, unless that their display of dramatic patriotism was suggesting they were the true patriots present at the protest.

Rumor spread through the protester ranks that Trump was going to enter through a side entrance. The protesters swarmed with the intent of preventing Trump from giving his address. After it was clear that Trump had managed to get into the Infinity Center, the protesters then moved to the front entrance of the building. During the assembly the protesters demolished the security tent stationed at the entrance and in response the riot police, with shields deployed, mobilized to make a stand against the demonstrators. The standoff was tense as police reinforcements arrived for the outnumbered police units. The protesters were not deterred in the slightest and reformed to maintain their position surrounding the Trump supporters and their police protectors. While the situation remained tense no further provocative actions were made by the protesters against the police. However, some Trump supporters did make their way into the crowd and tried to antagonize someone holding a Mexican flag, but that provocation was quickly quelled—although one Trump supporter mockingly offered to buy the flag for $10. In all the anti-trump protest demonstrated certain solidarity in the face of something most foul. At the end of the rally, the considered their actions a victory and then proceeded to march South on State Street after being deflected by a police line who were protecting their fleet of cruisers parked East on 600 S.


Your hair’s lookin’ slick, your boots are greased and you’re ready to crash the 1955 Vince Lombardi High Senior Prom. These sock hop n’ roll albums of 2015 will have your teenage kicks all night long.

Dig Nick Kuzmack’s —aka Nix Beat— TOP 5 albums of 2015. Featuring: Miscaculations A View For Glass Eyes , The Jackets Shadows Of Sound, Radioactivity Silent Kill, La Luz Weirdo Shrine and Baby Shakes Starry Eyes published @ SLUG Magazine!!

Nix Beat’s Top Jukebox Hits For 2014

Here are some tracks that I feel have defined 2014. So dig these grooves baby!

  1. “Tunnel Of Love”                                  2:09         Wanda Jackson
  2. “Catamaran”                                         3:33         Allah-Las
  3. “Night Of The Sadist”                           2:12         Larry & The Blue Notes
  4. “Wild Tiger Woman”                             3:34         Giuda
  5. “Turning My Heartbeat Up”                2:15         The M.V.P’s
  6. “Tainted Love”                                      2:38         Gloria Jones
  7. “Nothing But A Heartache”                 2:43         The Flirtations
  8. “Everything’s Gonna Change”             4:01         HJean Paul “El Troglodita”
  9. “Torture”                                               3:07         King Khan & The Shrines
  10. “Get It Over”                                         1:56         Giuda
  11. “Hypsoline”                                           3:15         La Femme
  12. “Riot In Cell Block #9”                          2:29         Wanda Jackson
  13. “How You Got That Girl”                      3:06         Ex Hex
  14. “Problem Child”                                    2:28         NIGHTMARE BOYZZZ
  15. “Better Off Dead”                                 3:13         La Peste
  16. “Love Em and Leave Em”                     3:31         The Coathangers
  17. “You Have No Friends”                         3:19         NIGHTMARE BOYZZZ
  18. “Adderall’                                               3:43         The Coathangers
  19. “Demolición”                                         2:58         Los Saicos
  20. “Night Time”                                          2:33         The Strangeloves
  21. “My Love”                                               3:41        The Franklys
  22. “Diddy Wah Diddy”                               2:29         Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
  23. Maybe It’s All Over Now”                    2:36         Giuda
  24. “Hey Hey”                                              3:19         Giuda
  25. “Outro”                                                  3:18         Ex Hex

Nix Beat’s Top 5 Albums For 2014

My #Top 5 albums for 2014 are
#VariousArtistsPeruBravo#Funk, #Soul & #Psych From#PerusRadicalDecade
#TheFranklys – Self-Titled EP
#Various Artists – #PopYehYeh: #PsychedelicRockfromSingaporeandMalaysia – 1964–1970

Can you dig it?