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Many of you may now Nick Kuzmack as one of SLUG Magazine’s most cherished punk rock writers—ranging from interviewing such legends as John Doe and Exene Cervenka of X and Jake Burns of Stiff Little Fingers, to his dozens of articles featuring provocative insights of bands from across the globe to right here in our own backyards. When he’s not penning his critiques on said bands, he can usually be found spinning their records, along with the rest of his vast roster, as DJ Nix Beat either opening for larger acts or as the host of his Freak Out showcases. However, as of Nov. 13, Kuzmack will be moving to London to further his skills and spread his talents as a journalist and DJ. There will be a going-away party dubbed Nix Beat’s Farewell Freak Out as the final performance in his Freak Out series on Sunday, Nov. 12, at Metro Music Hall. It’s a fitting way to say goodbye to someone who has done so much for the local scene.

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DJ Nix Beat back on K-UTE Radio’s Echoplex 08/20/2017

On August 20, 2017, DJ Nix Beat joined DJ Dum Dum Boy’s on his K-UTE Radio Show Echoplex. They spun records chatted music, politics and the North American Eclipse! Tune in below.


DJ Nix Beat on DJ Dum Dum Boy’s K-UTE Radio show Echoplex

DJ Nix Beat on air on Echoplex

On June 11, 2017 DJ Dum Dum Boy (George Kounalis) invited Salt Lake City based  DJ/Freelance Journalist Nick Kuzmack (DJ Nix Beat) onto his K-UTE Radio Show, Echoplex, at the University of Utah. There DJ Nix Beat spun punk and glam records while talking with DJ Dum Dum Boy about the Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival in Las Vegas,Nevada, the British Special Election, journalism, djing and more. Check out the recorded show below.

PT 1.

Pt 2.

For more about DJ Dum Dum Boy you can listen to his show Echoplex on K-UTE Radio, Sunday’s from 3pm to 5pm. The show is a real killer diller, so tune in.


One year ago, DJ Nix Beat, (aka Nick Kuzmack) began spinning records in honor of holding an authentic, unique event consumed by punk, mod and glam rock that continues to be the inspiration for his everyday life today. The Freak Out was Kuzmack’s brainchild. Having traveled within and outside of the U.S. and getting to experience nights at bars filled with good music spun on vinyl accompanied by a beer or more from local watering holes, Kuzmack felt a void with such nights in Salt Lake City. He was determined to create an evening that he felt was necessary for musicians and underground music enthusiasts alike….

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DJ Nix Beat Guest Hosting on DJ Forgotten Boy’s K-UTE Rock n’ Roll Radio Show


DJ Forgotten Boy (left) DJ Nix Beat (Right)

On Thursday November 17, 2016, DJ Nix Beat was invited back to guest host on DJ Forgotten Boy’s —AKA Josh Price of Josh and Ian and Primitive Program — University of Utah’s K-UTE Radio program Rock n’ Roll Radio. Armed with a selection from his collection of LP’s and 45’s. DJ Nix Beat descended on the college radio program to share songs by Newtown Neurtoics, Lene Lovich, The Briefs, The Moderns, The Tubes, The Stranglers, The Damned, The Clash and much more. The program ran from 1pm to 3pm on November 17, but you can catch the program in it’s entirety below….

Part 1

Part 2


For more of DJ Forgotten Boy’s Rock n’ Roll Radio Show, check him out on K-UTE Radio on Tuesday and Thursday 1pm to 3pm. 

SLUG Magazine’s Contributor Limelight: NICK KUZMACK

Nick Kuzmack AKA DJ Nix Beat

Nick Kuzmack is a man about town who’s written for SLUG since August of 2013. You’ve likely cut a rug at one of his lively, sock hop–style DJ nights where he spins vinyl as DJ Nix Beat, playing the best of vintage punk, rock n’ roll, glam, power pop, reggae, ska and soul. Kuzmack maintains a voracious appetite to listen to, review and write about the styles of music that he loves for SLUG and beyond.

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DJ Nix Beat spins classic tunes for the crowd. Photo: Niels Jensen

Skateboarders gathered on Exchange Place in front of Half and Half Skate Shop in Salt Lake City on June 11 to participate in and drink beer for the 17th Annual Summer of Death Skate Contest Presented By Half and Half Skate Shop and Monster Energy. Despite the rainy weather, skaters held their spirits high.

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Swap Meet – April 2016

At the Rock 'n' Roll Swap Meet SLC Photo taken By Jon Tamkin of the Bureau of Industrial Imaging

At the Rock ‘n’ Roll Swap Meet SLC
Photo taken By Jon Tamkin of the Bureau of Industrial Imaging

DJ Nix Beat was invited to DJ for Salt Lake City’s 1st Rock n’ Roll Swap meet. The swap meet was put on by Kate Wheadon and held at the Indian Walk in center (120 1300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84115) . The swap meet attracted a wide variety of people, booth young and old, who enjoyed a diverse array of booths offering vast collections of rock n’ roll memorabilia such as records, clothes, instruments, collectibles and more!
Check out the link to see photos of April 2016’a Rock n’ Roll Swap Meet, taken by Jon Tamkin.