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Kicked Out Of Eden

Javier Escovedo

Kicked Out Of Eden

Saustex Media

Release 01.15.2016

Javier Escovedo, best known for being one of the founding members of the legendary punk band The Zeros, has released his second solo album Kicked Out Of Eden. Simply put it can described as soulful rock n’ roll that rings with desperation and a sense of longing. Although, I might have hoped for something with a little more speed and aggression, Kicked Out Of Eden has an appeal as a more of a mature and easy going kind of listen. Top tracks for consideration are” Beaujolais” and “This Side of Nowhere”. “Beaujolais” has a marvelous 1960’s garage rock feel with a pronounced marching beat to hold ones attention. It also has a noticeable edge that borders on being a sound that is seeks to provoke one’s bad self. On the other end, “This side of Nowhere” is a perfect song for wishful nostalgia, which I guess is a theme that every grown up rock n’ roll album needs. Overall, Kicked Out Of Eden rises to the occasion to entertain and give listeners a shot at hearing yet another rock n’ roll story of life lived, loved and lost, or something like that.—Nick Kuzmack

Foxtails Brigade

Foxtails Brigade
Released: 04:08:2016

My desire to check out Foxtails Brigade’s self-titled release is inspired by the need for a sound that is simulating and exemplifies feelings of wanderlust and intrigue. I’m happy to say that as much was yielded after giving this record a few spins. Foxtails Brigade is an experience that proves that there something left in the universe that borders on the interesting and possibly unique. It lays out an impressive 11 tracks that traverse from the thoughtful yet emotionally provoking to the seemingly whimsical. Listeners will easily find that there is a mix of folk that combined with certain a indie-pop meets classical like sensibility that is alternatively charismatic. This is most notably found in the track “Nun But The Lost.” However, the treat this record presents are the tracks that have particular substance that serve to do more than reverb on playful notions. For this I think of “We Are Not Ourselves.” This number is easily the top track here. It is fun and intelligent as it manages to invoke thoughts of catchy intrigue. Other tracks that follow closely this line of thought are “Long Route” and “Last Still Standing.” Overall this is music to feel good about, but the thing here is that it also possesses qualities of sound that border on mind expanding possibilities. So, remember there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Foxtails Brigade and it can only be fully enjoyed by giving this record some proper attention. To not do so would deprive one like you of a sound that is wonderfully different and eclectic. — Nick Kuzmack

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Lita Ford had quite the storied rock n’ roll career: starting off in The Runaways, she rose to impressive prominence as a heavy metal musician in the ’80s. After years in obscurity, Ford has made a comeback to tell her story in Living Like A Runaway, published by Dey Street Books on Feb. 23. “It’s a story that had to be told,” says Ford. “A chick in a rock band in the ’80s … ya know … I was the only one that really that did what I did—play guitar and front a bunch of guys.” Living Like A Runaway takes readers through Ford’s life, both personal and professional. In it, Ford shows time and time again that she pulls no punches. It’s an attitude that very much defines her way of doing things, musically or otherwise.

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Suicide Squeeze
Street: 04.15
The Coathangers = La Luz + Bikini Kill + Shannon and The Clams

At last, The Coathangers have released the album with which I can faithfully annoy my neighbors at an astonishingly high volume. I initially came across this group via the release of Suck My Shirt and a couple solid live shows. Needless to say, after my thorough exposure, I was sold. After hearing that another album was in the works, I waited patiently for The Coathangers to put out this superb release. Nosebleed Weekend was produced in Valentine Recording Studios in North Hollywood, California. The studio had been closed since 1979, but recently reopened. There, The Coathangers worked with producer Nic Jodin and released their fifth studio album with Suicide Squeeze. To my excitement, Nosebleed Weekend picks up where Suck My Shirt left off, making for a logical progression between the two albums. It has a rock n’ roll sound that one could pull from the Girls in the Garage comps of the ’60s, but adds a contemporary flair that derives from the no-bullshit attitude of the groups that defined the riot grrrl movement. More importantly, though, The Coathangers maintain their infamous, whiskey-soaked vocals and dirty, garage-meets–post-punk sound while emphasizing Nosebleed Weekend’s move to a more mature groove.

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Street: 01.30
Josh & Ian = Thee Oh Sees + The Eyes

After I drop the proverbial needle on Josh & Ian’s Mystery Adventure Island, it is clear that they waste little time in infecting the unwary listener with notions of fun, jumpy rock n’ roll. Mystery Adventure Island is a cool mix of fuzzy, punk-influenced garage rock that nestles in some post-punk elements. It’s consistently upbeat and displays a surprisingly endless abundance of energy from start to finish. Top numbers include “Kemosabe” and “Fountain of Phonies.” One can almost taste the angst-filled, punky attitude. Josh & Ian’s style also comes across as sunny with an almost California–rock n’ roll–like atmosphere. The sound is well-refined, and its raw and dangerous quality is almost toxically addictive.

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No Front Teeth Records
Street: 02.05
Radio Hearts = The Buzzcocks + The Boys

I would be remiss and unequivocally in error if I did not immediately admit my love for any power-pop punk that invokes all that is great about the ’77–’79 sound. Radio Hearts are that and more. Hailing from Long Beach, California, this power-pop quartet are a sight to behold, and more importantly, be heard. They have all the ingredients to make your heart ache and body shake.

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Street: 01.28
The Outta Sorts = The Sonics + The Saints

To say that this record offered anything beyond another fun and upbeat garage group would not be prudent of me. This is not the next best thing, either. It is, however, a part of an absolute dedication to the lifestyle that is rock n’ roll. This EP emphasizes the appeal of the fast, greasy, poppy and dirty garage sound. Upon spinning this, listeners will easily find that The Outta Sorts take all the loving cues from garage punk while maintaining a simple sound. I would suggest that to save time and the trap of familiarity, one should consider skipping to the B-side, where one track defines a certain substance for The Outta Sorts.

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The Audacity – Hyper Vessels (Suicide Squeeze)

Band: The Audacity
Album: Hyper Vessels
Label: Suicide Squeeze
Release: 01/04/2016

There is nothing quite like the awesome power of high voltage rock n’ roll to shock one into absolute attention. Audacity does that and more with their new album Hyper Vessels. In short, I would define this as having the raw electric power that bands like Radioactivity have perfected, but is sped up and maintains wild and heavy beats that are combined with a sound that is volatile and poppy.

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The Electric Pencils – Self Titled (One Man Movement)

Band: The Electric Pencils
Album: Self-Titled
Label: One Man Movement
Released: February 2016


Well, I’m going to just come out and say it, after checking out The Electric Pencils self-titled release I’m a fan. This record boasts solid rock n roll that has a nostalgic sort of indie twist that is quite charming and disarmingly delightful. It’s simple, catchy with a wonderful sharpness that defines their sound.

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Voodoo Records
Street: 02.18
The Come n’ Go’s = Dr. Feelgood + The Jackets + The Gories

The Come n’ Go’s Tumbling Heights lives up to its twisted and raw power potential. My initial thoughts after switching on “Chateau phonoeque” were that Tumbling Heights seeks to profess the method of swaying listeners into a life of dirty, rock n’ roll–inspired sin. There are certainty poor choices to be made while this album is blasted at a deafening and window-shattering volume. Listeners will easily find that Tumbling Heights has noise and beats to inspire volatile flaying and jumping about. This invocation can be found in numbers like “Lemmy,” “Today Sometimes” and “Attitude.” However, if listeners are seeking a sound that will take them out of their mind into a distorted and mind-numbing headspace, they can check out “Borderland.” Other reactions that this album elicits are tranquil thoughts from the track “What is it?” I’ll admit, that last one is a bit of a surprise for me, but Tumbling Heights manages to traverse an entire spectrum of rock n’ roll, though its influence is clearly rooted in the garage, which doesn’t lend to Tumbling Heights’ synergy.

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