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Black Mambas / Suicide Generation Split 7-inch

Black Mambas / Suicide Generation
Split 7–inch
No Front Teeth Records
20 October 2017

Within the grooves of this record are sounds from LA’s Black Mambas and London’s Suicide Generation. It’s a record representing a match made by the shredding-sirens of hell-destined angels.

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Voodoo Rhythm Records
Street: 10.14.2013
Rolando Bruno y su Orequesta Midi = Los Peyotes S.A + Jean Paul “El Troglodita”

This Cumbia Reaction EP is a true gem among the rough. Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Rolanda Bruno—formerly of Los Peyotes—comes blasting out with his one-man-band act. Unlike Los Peyotes—which is amazingly raw 1960’s-inspired garage punk music—Bruno brings out something different through this cumbia trash with a mix of psychedelic garage rock and Latin funk. This is his first release since 2013 and was recorded by Bruno at his Midi Home Studio. It’s an infectious four tracks that will keep you moving about like an idiot, as if being hexed.

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Dirty Water Club & Weirdsville Present: ​The Jackets

Dirty Water Club & Weirdsville Present: ​The Jackets, The Bucky Rage and Fryd Chikin with DJ MR A & Miss A and DJ PJ @Nambucca 08/12/2017

This was a weekend like no other. Weirdsville/Dirty Water presented Londoners with the superb talents of Fryd Chikin, The Bucky Rage and The Jackets. For those uninitiated, travelling to Nambucca for this evening’s entertainment required the sheer determination to brave a night of temperatures dropping to bone chilling levels. Luckily, for the devout rock n’ rollers that lurk in the shadows, this club is constantly home to music that warms the soul… and drinks to dull the senses.

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Slovenly Recordings
Street: 09.08
BLAHA = The Blind Shake + Dirty Fences

BLAHA is the solo project of Mike Blaha of The Blind Snake and Shadow in the Cracks. This EP was written and recorded by BLAHA at Banana Tone—which he also owns and operates. It was mastered by Crypt Records’ own Tim Warren. Like his primary groups, BLAHA steeps his sound in a contemporary garage rock genre. He emphasizes a style utilizing mid-tempo grooves that mix surf and indie-inspired garage rock n’ roll. Think of a much slower Ramones-style sound in the same vein as Dirty Fences, but with a less raucous approach.

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Factory DE JOIE @ The Victoria November 25, 2017

Poster: Dawn Aquarius
Featuring The Cavemen (NZ), The Snides, Suicide Generation, Moto Vamp and Flesh with DJ John The Revelator, DJ La Titis and DJ Alexander Coates-Leprechauns

Helen De Joie’s fourth club all-dayer/night has a knack for featuring some tremendous talent. Usually it’s a night dedicated to all things 60’s psychedelic and hedonistic, but tonight Factory De Joie’s theme is punk rock in the vein of an Andy Warhol vibe, meeting the infamous CBGB’s – just not in New York City, but rather at the ever so hip Victoria in Dalston, East London. Thanks to the dim lighting and scenes from Punk Revolution projected onto the backdrop of the stage, the atmosphere for Factory De Joie was set. This night drew on strictly vinyl DJ’s serenading the audience through spinning classic and deep cuts of punk records, with punk and glam bands wreaking havoc. With the inspiring expressiveness of burlesque dancers providing the intermissions more saucy entertainment.

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Voodoo Rhythm Records
Street: 12.09.2016
The Revox = The Sevens + The Dynamites + The Rippers + The Monsters

Screaming from the frozen utopic wastelands of Switzerland come The Revox. According to Voodoo Rhythm Records legend The Revox were recently resurrected from their ice-cold graves in the Swiss mountains to annihilate planet Earth with fuzz-guitar-driven rock n’ roll. With a sound like theirs, I’d be hard-pressed to believe otherwise. This band embodies the devastating yet hedonistic power of the untamed nature of garage rock n’ roll. Their sound is unbridled and crushingly raw. Within this release are sounds that bring up a passion for 1960s garage rock but with the shocking energy of punk rock.

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Many of you may now Nick Kuzmack as one of SLUG Magazine’s most cherished punk rock writers—ranging from interviewing such legends as John Doe and Exene Cervenka of X and Jake Burns of Stiff Little Fingers, to his dozens of articles featuring provocative insights of bands from across the globe to right here in our own backyards. When he’s not penning his critiques on said bands, he can usually be found spinning their records, along with the rest of his vast roster, as DJ Nix Beat either opening for larger acts or as the host of his Freak Out showcases. However, as of Nov. 13, Kuzmack will be moving to London to further his skills and spread his talents as a journalist and DJ. There will be a going-away party dubbed Nix Beat’s Farewell Freak Out as the final performance in his Freak Out series on Sunday, Nov. 12, at Metro Music Hall. It’s a fitting way to say goodbye to someone who has done so much for the local scene.

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Second Annual Goth Prom at Area 51

DJ Courtney (left) and DJ Mikhell (right)

On November 18, Club Area 51 plays host to the dark and mysterious glamour of the 2nd annual Goth Prom. This party is organized by DJ Mikhell and DJ Courtney, both of whom regularly
spin at Club Area 51, but above all are longtime friends and collaborators. “I’ve been going to clubs—Sanctuary, Area 51— for the last 16 years” says Mikhell. “… I’ve always been into the
music and I hung out in the DJ booth with Courtney long enough that [he] showed me the ropes and let me DJ on of his nights for my birthday.”

For these DJ’s the gothic subculture fires their passion for the elegant and morbid. Bands such as Clan of Xymox, Siouxie and The Banshees and The Damned help define Goth’s distinctive
sound. Mikhell says, “I’ve always had a thing for the macabre as well—plus who doesn’t look good in black?”

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Khannibalism / Ernest Jenning Record Co.
Street: 10.13
King Khan = Bob Dylan + King Khan and the Shrines + King Khan and the BBQ Show +The Space Shits

It is not a surprise that another album made by the legendary King Khan is superb. He makes music with an exceeding degree of excellence. His music boasts brilliant hooks and his lyricism is on point with cultural critiques. Khan, furthermore, never fails to capture an early Dylan recipe for an overall provocative sound—with an obvious note that Khan’s style is wholly electric. His structures are vivid and strikingly alive. He could sing about love gone lost or the raptures of narcissism and, in my mind, there would be a pretty and detailed picture showing it all.

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Pig Baby Records
Street: 10.04
The Woolly Bushmen = The Black Lips + The Booze + Barrence Whitfield & The Savages

The Woolly Bushmen are a true diamond in the rough. They beautifully dance with snarling garage rock twisting with gritty blues tendencies. Their new record, ARDUINO, is a true masterpiece. Within it’s hallowed, see-through orange grooves are 11 rocking rippers that make me feel as if I’m front row at their gig.

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