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Ivory Williams — Don’t Have To Worry 7”

Ivory Williams Don’t Have To Worry 7” In crowd Release: 10.08.2016

Ivory Williams
Don’t Have To Worry 7”
Release: 10.08.2016

For the legions of fan’s who have loyally followed Daptone Records phenomenal releases over the years, they should now consider redirecting their gaze toward Atlanta, Georgia’s InCrowd and their up and coming artist Ivory Williams. Williams’ debut, Don’t Have To Worry 7” provides the perfect sound that characterizes the beauty of changing seasons and blossoms blooming.

The A-side “Don’t Have To Worry” is a soothing number even though it is one that betrays an anxious theme of familiar love and it’s loss. It’s a style that invites a nod toward Carole King, but is sung in a way that would make Etta James beam with delight. Williams’ invokes a longing that is relatable to anyone who has ever felt a sense of yearning within the depths of their being. “Don’t Have To Worry” reminds me of an early 1960’s downtempo feel. This style is not lost in nostalgia, rather it very much stands as a modern successor to soul music’s solid and storied legacy. In other words, with a sort of indie-twist, Williams does a wonderful job keeping the spirit of soul alive and thriving.

Williams’ charming vibrancy is especially true with the slightly more up-tempo B-side track “Little Flowers.” In contrast, this song sheds the A-sides longing anxiousness with something seemingly hopeful and bright. It’s tune that a wandering mind might find itself in the company of. So by all means, lay back with this one and dream a little dream.

The “Don’t Have To Worry 7” was recorded live on tape by In crowd and their in house musicians. This single is a preview of what one can expect from William’s debut album “Too Cool To Be Nice.” There is indeed some magic here, and the wise would do well to perk their ears for more that is surely to come.
Nick Kuzmack

Ivory Williams singing Mr. Money