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Exploring a Vague Space

Peach Dream performs at Vague Space. Photo by Mike Jones.

Vague Space is the venue that is replacing Daley’s Clothing in Sugar House. Owner and operator, Spencer Daley, started Daley’s Clothing in 2015. It was originally called Daley’s Men’s Shop, but once the clothing store began selling women’s clothing, it was renamed to be all-inclusive and non-gender specific.

In 2016, Daley set his sights on establishing a small DIY venue in the basement of the shop. He was keenly aware of the loss suffered by Salt Lake’s creative community during the Sugar House redevelopment that started in 2007. Daley says, “The lack of a music venue in Sugar House is surprising considering the origin where Sugar House came from.”

Check out the full article on Vague Space published by Utah Stories!!

Quiet Oaks —Pretty Alright

Quiet Oaks
Pretty Alright
Release: 03.17.2017

Quiet Oaks’ second album Pretty Alright exemplifies the indie take of alternative rock pleas for desperation. In an odd way Quiet Oaks have a sort of feel-good aspect to an otherwise sensitive sound. This is a largely thanks to the emotional pleas cried out by vocalist Dane Sandberg. With Sanberg at the helm, one could think of Pretty Alright as trudging forth from the  misunderstood  indie noise that seeks to infuses it’self in an all grown up sound thanks to a prominent backing of a sort of raucous blues rock style.

In this album, listeners will be hard pressed to look passed Quiet Oaks use of heavy instrumentals to back Sandbergs passionate vocals. it’s a style that consistently sets a stirring tone throughout Pretty Alright. This is particularly evident by the first track “The Go Getter.” The top tracks o be found here are “Keep It Together” with “They Don’t Need You” and “I Don’t Bleed” following close behind.

“Keep It Together” comes across  as reflective and dramatic. It has a strong build up and solid delivery. If the result of listening to this track doesn’t invoke the notions of the feelies, then by all means questions your own empathy.

“They Don’t Need You” relies strongly on the vocalists emotional yelling to keep the attention focused on the song. However in this day and age such reliance may be what shows off the ability to be passionate. This all mixed in with a slight up-tempo groove this tracks ball rolling.  “I Don’t Bleed” also has a strong build up with a constant groove. This track may invoke one to move about and possibly even slow dance with that someone special. If this album had a baby maker track to it, “I Don’t Bleed” is definitely it.

Other tracks on this album seem to offer a glimpse into something slightly brighter. This is particularly exposed in “Father Knows” and “Guns.” Both move closer toward the rock n’ roll end of the spectrum.

Overall Pretty Alright is just that. These are songs that impose the notions of sensitivity while daring you to feel good. Quiet Oaks are having the Pretty Alright release show at Urban Lounge on March 17, 2017. So, come out, hold your lighter high, and give way to your feely feelings.

For more on Quiet Oaks, visit their Facebook or their website:

Quiet Oaks “Let Me Ignore You”

The Freak Out: Featuring DJ Andy Maximum & DJ Nix Beat

DJ Andy Maximum By Aron Mikkelsen

DJ Andy Maximum
By Aron Mikkelsen

The Freak Out is an all vinyl DJ night that is held on the first and third Saturday of the month at The Republican in Salt Lake City, Utah.The night is meant to inspire from the crypts of our DJ’s who break out top selections of the rawest and most criminal elements  of Punk, Junkshop Glam, Bubblegum, Power Pop, Garage and Mod. One can surely expect the chills and thrills of volatile hits and misses from the likes of 999, The Clash, The Stranglers, Purple Hearts, The Strangeloves, Slade, The Sweet, The Damned, Ex-Cult, Fashionsim, Giuda, Faz Waltz, The Cute Lepers, The Briefs and much more!!
Hosting this mess of a party is DJ Nix Beat with guests like the infamous Portland, Oregon DJ Andy Maximum aka Andy Mehos and Salt Lake’s own DJ Eric Jenson.

Everyone is welcome. Regular attendees are the curious and sensational outcasts, misfits, rockers ,rollers punkers, romantics and idealistic rebels. Most of all though, remember, it’s a night for you and your wild and uncontrollable imagination and angsty desires. We at the Freak Out seek to entertain and most of all cultivate a community of the like-minded. So, cum down and Freak Out!!

DJ Andy Maximium and DJ Nix Beat

DJ Andy Maximium and DJ Nix Beat









DJ Andy Maximum

DJ Andy Maximum

DJ Andy Maximum

DJ Andy Maximum

It’ll be a night of only the best and worst choices to make on a Saturday Night. So dress up and cum check out The Freak Out at The Republcian