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Killjoy Records
Street: 04.01.17
Cult Of The Psychic Fetus= The Cramps + Bobby “Boris” Pickett + The Moontrekkers

This little beauty of an EP comes straight from the crypts of the undead. Admittedly, I was skeptical of how much I would enjoy this record. I mean, with a name like Cult of the Psychic Fetus, I thought it would be silly, but as with many great records, one will likely find something cool if the album art is on point. So, take it from me that the art for this EP is solid, and so is the record.

This self-titled is a gothabilly gem that mixes the attitude of The Cramps-like rock n’ roll with monster mash tendencies. Sure, the themes of the dead and undead may be predictable, but Cult of the Psychic Fetus are a tight group with a tight sound. These guys really know how to play their rock n’ roll. It touches on the smoothness of the 1960s with the edginess of a band haunting the depths of the garage.

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Mattiel — Count Your Blessings / Whites of Their Eyes 7”

Count Your Blessings / Whites of Their Eyes 7”
Burger Records
Street: 07/15/2017

This little record holds some magic within its grooves. Mattiel (aka Mattiel Brown) comes at you with a solid mix of a 1960’s nitty gritty soul explosion mixed in with jumping indie-inspired garage rock. Think The Ronettes meets The Black Lips infusing a little of a La Luz-esque feel.

A-side has the killer “Count Your Blessing” while the B-Side boasts “Whites of Their Eyes.” “Count Your Blessings” is haltingly beautiful. Mattiel channels the essence of Ronnie Spector in the jazz-like-soul number. It’s song that elicits the feeling of weightlessness as if being cast under some sort of spell. This is the ideal result invoked by the aid of an overwhelmingly raised volume level.

“Whites Of Their Eyes” is a bouncing number that invokes notions of being a sort of rock n’ roll gunfighter anthem. The track starts out off with a sick beat that leads to a provocative sound thanks to the prominent reverberating guitar. It’s got a certain edgy attitude to it that flirts with a distant sound. So, think of this as a tune that Quientin Tarantino might dig up for an actually good remake of a The Magnificent 7 styled western.

The Count Your Blessings / Whites of Their Eyes 7” was recorded by Burger Records and written by Atlanta’s InCrowd Music. This record is well worth placing in a constant rotation on your turntable. If this is an indicator of what Mattiel has to offer, then also get a hold of the full length Self-Titled coming out on September 29, 2017 via Burger Records.

Rebel Rebel — The Gospel Truth

Rebel Rebel
The Gospel Truth
Street: 07.24.2017

At last Rebel Rebel have released their EP The Gospel Truth. This record superbly reveals a sound that infuses the infectious, yet, bubbly nature of indie rock with the attitude of ’70s CBGB punk inspired glam. In other words, think of Rebel Rebel channeling Franz Ferdinand taking cues from Lou Reed who in turn just watched a set played by Talking Heads or The Revelons.

Rebel Rebel are unique act to catch. They don’t boast a heavily overused punk style, but rather come into their own without relying on clichés. Furthermore, these cats they have always remained sincere and humble and it shows with this record.

Their EP is good and has some killer tracks. Most notable are the “The Gospel Truth” and “Jen Puked.” “The Gospel Truth” is fast and punchy. After immediately switching this on and I’m hooked by the in-your face sound. It’s a whirlwind of a song that makes me want to jump about like an idiot who recently discovered the dealing power of sugar and caffeine.

“Jen Puked” follows in this vein. It’s a track with a killer drum beat building up into a wild punky tune that is vibrant with electric energy. This song shows off a defiant passion lead by vocalist Mason Keller Comstock and it perfectly blends punk and indie into a fast and snotty wallop.

I recommend checking this EP out. The Gospel Truth is a fun listen that highlights Rebel Rebel’s maturing sound. I’m interested to see where they go from here and if this record reveals anything, I’m sure what they have next will be worth a listen. So pay attention.

For more about Salt Lake City’s Rebel Rebel, check out their bandcamp and give their Facebook Page a like. 


Slovenly Records
Release: 06.02
The Rippers = The Satelliters + The JuJus + Bo Diddley + The Jackets

The Rippers come roaring back from the dark and dimly lit scum-filled alleyways with their new LP, A Gut Feeling. Those familiar with these mod-inspired maestros will no doubt be aware of their wild and raw sounds. Their garage rock is infamous. It is meant to annihilate and rip through the senses, and with previous records, they have done just that. A Gut Feeling, however, shows a kind of maturity. It’s well polished, but still maintains The Rippers’ bluesy, freakbeat sensations.

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The Darts (US) – Me.Ow

The Darts (US)
Dirty Water Records
Release September 28, 2017

The Darts (US) are a real treat. They have an impressive lineup with Nicole Laurenne of The Love Me Nots, Motobunny and Zero Zero, Rikki Styxx of The Dollyrots, Christina Nunez of The Love Me Nots and Casual Encounters and Michelle Balderrama of Brainspoon.

With their powers combined they boast an impressive sound that blends 1960s girl-group garage rock with Icona Pop sensibilities. Think a fuzz infused style that invokes The Models version of ‘Bend Me, Shape Me’ with The Pleasure Seekers’ attitude and Motobunny’s infectious energy.

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Piss Test – Self-Titled LP 2

Piss Test
Self-Titled LP 2
Taken By Surprise
May 5, 2017

Piss Test live up to strong legacy of 40 years of devastatingly raw punk rock. It’s fast, hard and takes no prisoners. It contains all the familiar themes of defiance, anger and disaffection with society, which makes for a solid punk record. This self-titled LP boasts a style that reminds me of the bastard offspring of DI and DOA. It even comes across as a distant cousin of contemporaries, The Night Birds.

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Voodoo Rhythm Records
Street: 06.30
The Jackets = The Seeds + King Khan and the BBQ Show + The Satelliters

Hailing from Bern, Switzerland, The Jackets are Jack Torera (aka Jackie Brutsche) on vox/lead guitar, Sam Schmidiger on bass and Chris Rosales on drums. With a combined love for The Seeds, The Music Machine, The Lyre and The Gravedigger V, The Jackets boast an exposition of untamed garage rock that is uniquely executed. It’s a style that is well refined, raw and carefully delivered. I would have thought it would have been hard to top their last record, but it’s not necessarily a surprise that this single breathes new life into their already vibrant sound.

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Dead Owl Music / Instant Records
Street: 06.23
Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas = Amy Winehouse + Tom Waits + Nick Waterhouse

It should be a thing that any band boasting the name “Deltas” in it will be good. Catching this act in 2014, I was sold on Jessica Hernandez’s gothic take on soul. This band is moving, gripping and addictively dark. The new album, Telephone/Teléfono, takes the familiar style of Secret Evil, but in a noticeably-pop driven direction. Telephone/Teléfono shows off Hernandez’s ability to be personal and provocative. In this record, Hernandez goes a step further by diving straight into her Cuban and Mexican-American heritage. To represent this, Hernandez recorded two versions of her sophomore album—one in English and the other in Spanish.

Both the English and Spanish recordings display a unique and fresh take on the listening experience. It’s pop for everyone, and this record represents the potential of music’s inclusive vitality. Plus, like Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas’ other material, Telephone/Teléfono still has an eclectic range of styles. It’s psychedelia surf with Latin roots, plus a definitive, punky edge—not to mention plenty of the renowned Detroit nitty-gritty….

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The Franklys – Are You Listening

The Franklys
Are You Listening
Hälta Hälta Records
June 23, 2017

The Franklys are an all-girl garage group that blends a volatile mix of Hives inspired garage rock with indie-like psychedelic notions from early 1970s metal. I’ll admit to waiting eagerly for the release of their debut album Are You Listening. It has all of the hits to date.

Unlike The Franklys previous string of releases Are You Listening boasts quite the polished sound. This record doesn’t have the gritty production found within the grooves of the Puppet 7-inch. However it still manifests The Franklys’ high-energy style, extenuated by their signature barbed wire riffs and heavy drum beats.

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Voodoo Rhythm Records
Street: 04.14
Destination Lonely= Brain Bagz + The Devils

Destination Lonely’s Death Of An Angel is swampy garage punk at its boggiest. Hailing from Toulouse/Bordeaux, this group delivers sounds infused with heavy guitar distortions and groove moods. It’s a style that’s been heard before, but not with this group’s approach. This is not surprising, given that this album is named after the Donald Woods & Vel-Aires soulful 1955 track of the same name.

The opening track, “Dirt Preacher,” is a cover by the 1980s Memphis-based rockabilly outfit, The Gibson Bros. It’s a sort of chaotic, bluesy, psych-punk tune from the inner depths of the smoke-filled garage. Its swirling distortion effects are enough to make the head spin—given the right additives. Listening to this sober might invite headache or bits of enlightenment.

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