Os Noctàmbulos – I Can’t Read Your Mind 7″

Os Noctàmbulos
I Can’t Read Your Mind 7″
Slice Of Wax Records
Release: 05.2017

Os Noctàmbulos’ new single is perfect for the contemporary lover of psychedelia mixed with the tranquility of surf driven garage rock. Like previous releases, Os Noctambulos impresses an addition of pop sensibilities that break free from nostalgic tunes, while offering something quite familiar. It’s a single that falls within the raging genre that blends elements of neo- psych with garage rock. So, that alone may invite some intrigue to this record.

The A-side’s “I Can’t Read Your Mind” is a mid-tempo mover. The cool energy imposed on this track comes from a wicked combination of desperate vocals curtesy of Nick Wheeldon and groovy spaghetti western like surfy riffs. It’s alright, if not something that might have been heard before.

This record’s magic however lies within the B-side’s “I Went Walking.” This is a calming, spooky little ditty. It’s got a deep sensation thanks to a pronounced surf-garage rock infused in a fine sense of psychedelia. It’s the kinds of music that invokes a sort of featherless feeling of floating on warm ocean waves.

Overall this single is a subtle attention grabber, but doesn’t quite leave a lasting impression. It’s clear that this is the kind rock n’ roll that invites one to sway to sounds blanketed in the crashing waves of the surf. Again, the magic on this record is “I Went Walking.” For this track alone, this single may be an consideration.