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Nix Beat AKA Nick Kuzmack is a Freelance Writer, Journalist, Copy Editor, Disc Jockey, Traveler and Record Collector,  currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah  He holds duel-citizenship with the United Kingdom and the United States and has spent much of his life traveling back and forth between the two countries.  Kuzmack has a Bachelor of the Arts in Political Studies with an emphasis in History from Westminster College SLC, there he studied Political Science, Imperialism, Film History, Pop-Culture, Youth Culture, Revolution, Ethics,and Philosophy.  Kuzmack’s work is published by SLUG Magazine, Heatwave Magazine, Utah Stories and  independently, here at Nixbeat.com.

Kuzmack jumped into journalism at age 17 by founding the political/ music zine Salt City Rag in Salt Lake City, . This zine covered a wide range of issues including environmentalism, politics and culture. Between 2007 and 2013 19 issues were published.  After meeting UK Subs front-man Charlie Harper Kuzmack was inspired to re-focus his zines on topics on more music related topics. In 2010, Kuzmack also founded the one issue socio-political and music/culture zine No More Heroes which was published in 2011.

In August 2013, Kuzmack began writing as a free-lance journalist for  SLUG Magazine. There he provided concert coverage on artists and bands like Jimmy Cliff, The Black Lips, King Khan and The Shrines, Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, Cock Sparrer, Stiff Little Fingers, Allah Las and Sleater Kinney. He has also interviewed a wide variety of artists including Jack Name, Kid Congo PowersJake Burns of Stiff Little Fingers, Vivian Albertine of The Slits, Brian Bell and Nate Shaw of the RelationshipShana Cleveland of La Luz and Steve Drewett of Newtown Neurotics.In addition writing about pop-culture, Kuzmack has  reported on the Black Lives Matter protests that were inspired by the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.  In July 2015, he was promoted to Senior Staff Writer and in May 2016 was awarded for his contributions  to SLUG Magazine.  Kuzmack also contribute to SLUG Magazine as a copy editor and on occasion as a DJ. 

Starting in December 2014 at Heatwave Magazine, Kuzmack  contributes by interviewing groups/artists like The Vacant Lots,  Fumaça Preta, The Gories, Keep Razors Sharp and Paul Collins of the Beat/The Nerves.  Kuzmack has also written articles detailing the legacy of the late icons like Kim Fowley, Lemmy Kilmister, David Bowie and the American music critic Lester Bangs. In June 2015, Kumzack was promoted to Senior Correspondent.

As of May 2016, Kuzmack contributes to Utah Stories as a writer. There he has written about local businesses, artists and culture.

As well as being published through these magazines, Kuzmack covers a wide range of topics —both pop culture and politically related—directly through Nixbeat.com. Here, Kuzmack has written about Utah Against Police Brutality, NOT OK Portland, the University of Utah’s chapter of Students For A Democratic Society, Utah Millennials for Bernie Sanders and the Atlanta record label In Crowd. He has also written album reviews about Ivory Williams, Fashionism, Wild Racooon and his Striped Tail and Daisy and Moonshines.

At the Rock 'n' Roll Swap Meet SLC Photo taken By Jon Tamkin of the Bureau of Industrial Imaging

At the Rock ‘n’ Roll Swap Meet SLC
Photo taken By Jon Tamkin of the Bureau of Industrial Imaging

Kuzmack  also DJ’s at bars and venues in the Salt Lake Area. This move into DJ’ing professionally was inspired by  years of subjecting his friends to his record collection at parties.  As DJ Nix Beat, spins all-vinyl and maintains a growing collection of  60’s styled Soul, R&B, Mod/Garage Rock n’ Roll, Girl Groups, 70’s Styled Punk,Power Pop and Junkshop Glam.  He has hosted nights at the Circle Lounge, for The 2014 Joe Strummer Memorial Show,  Bar X/Beer Bar, and for SLUG Magazine’s Third and Forth Annual SLUG Cat. DJ Nix Beat also spins for bands and has DJ’ed for the  the Relationship, The Dirty Fences, The Vibrators , The Night Beats, The Cry and Ex-Cult.

DJ Nix Beat has been featured for dJ’ing in SLUG Magazines November 2015 Localized Show and in the July/August 2016 issue of Salt Lake Magazine. He has also guest Dj’ed in Portland, Oregon at Pop Tavern and has been a regular guest host on DJ Forgotten Boy’s K-UTE Radio program Rock n’ Roll Radio Show at the University of Utah. He currently hosts The Freak Out at The Republican— Salt Lake’s only all vinyl Punk, Glam, Power Pop and Weirdo Rock n’ Roll night — on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month and a rock n’ roll night at The Chakra Lounge.

Kuzmack adheres to a “your only as good as your last article” philosophy. As a student of history, he voraciously studies  social justice, pop-culture, youth-culture, environmentalism, alternative politics and music.  He is always looking to take on another project, so, if you are looking to hire a writer, researcher or disc jockey , feel free contact him through his email: nicholaskuzmack@gmail.com or via this website.  To see his prior work history visit his linkedin account here.


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